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How long does it take to sell my minerals?

Once contacted, our representative will ask you some questions regarding your mineral interests. A quote will be generated within 24-48 hours. If the price is sufficient, we will confirm title and prepare conveyance documents. A meeting will be scheduled at a mutually acceptable time and place for signing. All of this can be done in less than seven days.

How much will I be offered?

Determining the value of a mineral property is a complex process. Many buyers will ask for a copy of your last pay stub and quote you some multiple of that dollar amount to be refined (lowered) before completion; some will even send bank drafts requiring some sort of ratification that are ultimately replaced with a lower amount. Our valuation process generates an accurate quote based on your specific property and a realistic view of the market. We take into account the negotiated royalty in your lease, your share of transportation, gathering, and compression fees as negotiated in your lease, the amount of gas present, the difficulty of obtaining the gas, the natural decline in production over time, the quality of the gas, the operator’s efficacy, and many other factors.

How do I get an offer/quote?

Calling our representative and answering a few questions is all it takes. We will do the rest.

Am I obligated to sell if I receive a quote?

Not at all. You may also take as long as you wish to think about your offer, research alternatives, and consider your options. Due to ever-changing market conditions, however, we can not guarantee that a quote will be honored indefinitely. That is not to say that we will bait and switch you like some mineral buyers, just that we can’t guarantee the market’s stability in order to ensure that a quote will always be viable. You don’t want a bad deal, and neither do we.

Why do my checks vary each month or why do I not receive checks anymore?

Gas wells do not produce consistently from month to month. Sometimes they must be shut down for maintenance or a problem may occur, wells typically produce less and less over time as the reserves in a particular well are depleted, and commodity prices also fluctuate. In 2008 and the years immediately preceding, gas prices soared to all-time highs, only to fall dramatically as the economy declined in the final months of the year and into 2009.

How do I know what my royalty interests are?

This number can be found on the royalty statement you receive with your check in the form of a decimal number. It can be calculated using the following:

Your Mineral Acres X The Royalty Percentage Negotiated In Your Lease
Total Acres Unitized In The Well

What does the future hold for oil/gas pricing?

Predicting commodity futures is a very complex guessing game. Many factors can have an effect on the price of a commodity, and the intricacies of these interactions are not very well understood by many. Resources are available for those wishing to better understand the futures market.

I don’t see my question.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contacts us. Contact information is available by clicking the “Contact Us” link at the top of the page.